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Care at Glenburnie Lodge

Get to know the types of care we provide and find out whether we could be the right fit for you or your loved one.

What types of care does Glenburnie Lodge offer?

Glenburnie Lodge is committed to offering a comprehensive range of care services to meet the diverse needs of our ladies and gentlemen. We provide 24-hour nursing care, residential care tailored to those seeking companionship and some support, as well as highly personalised dementia care and palliative care. Additionally, we offer respite care for those requiring a short break or postoperative rehabilitation. Each type of care is delivered by our compassionate and dedicated team, ensuring that all residents receive the highest standards of care and support in a luxurious setting.

How are the staff at Glenburnie Lodge selected?

The staff at Glenburnie Lodge are chosen through a rigorous selection process to ensure that we have a team of compassionate and dedicated individuals. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of care and support, and this begins with having the right people on our team. All staff members share the ethos and values of Glenburnie Lodge, ensuring that person-centred care is at the heart of everything we do.

What safety measures are in place at Glenburnie Lodge?

Safety is of paramount concern at Glenburnie Lodge. Our ladies and gentlemen can rest assured that their luxurious and private bedrooms are equipped with high specification ensuite facilities and state-of-the-art communication and entertainment technology. This includes the latest nurse call systems and falls monitoring systems to ensure immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

How do you ensure the well-being and happiness of residents?

The well-being and happiness of our ladies and gentlemen are at the heart of everything we do at Glenburnie Lodge. From the exceptional facilities to the range of activities and the high standard of care, every aspect is designed to enhance the quality of life for our residents. Our mission is to provide person-centred care, ensuring that each individual’s needs and preferences are respected and catered for in a luxurious setting. We want to make every day special for our ladies and gentlemen, even planning special activities that are personal to them.

Our ladies and gentlemen are encouraged to explore the beautiful surroundings near Glenburnie Lodge. Located in the Vale of Glamorgan, the home is in close proximity to several charming locations, perfect for day trips. For instance, the seaside town of Barry offers lovely beaches and scenic views. Cardiff, rich in culture and history, offers a variety of shopping and dining options. These outings not only provide a change of scenery but also an opportunity for our residents to engage with the community.

How are meals prepared and are dietary restrictions accommodated?

A good diet is intrinsic to the health and wellbeing of our ladies and gentlemen. Our full kitchen team, led by our head chef, takes great pride in preparing fresh, delicious meals daily. We understand that dietary needs and preferences can vary, and we are fully equipped to cater for all dietary requirements. Whether you have specific nutritional needs or simply a favourite dish you’d like to enjoy, our kitchen team is ready to help.

Is transportation provided for medical appointments?

Yes, at Glenburnie Lodge, we have our own dedicated transport for both medical and social requirements. Our ladies and gentlemen can rest assured that they will be able to attend medical appointments or social outings in comfort and safety.

Moving to Glenburnie Lodge

Learn more about our admissions process, and how to become part of the Glenburnie Lodge community.

When is Glenburnie Lodge scheduled to open?

Glenburnie Lodge is an upcoming luxury care home, scheduled to open its doors in 2024. We are eagerly looking forward to welcoming our first ladies and gentlemen to experience the exceptional facilities and high-quality care.

Is there a waiting list for admission?

The availability of spaces at Glenburnie Lodge fluctuates week by week. We do sometimes have a waiting list, so we recommend getting in touch with us directly for the most current information on admission availability. Our team is always on hand to provide you with the details you need to make an informed decision. Get in touch with us here.

Life at Glenburnie Lodge

Discover what life is like for our ladies and gentlemen, from cosy coffee lounges to gardening activities.

What amenities can residents expect at Glenburnie Lodge?

At Glenburnie Lodge, our ladies and gentlemen can expect to indulge in a range of all-inclusive luxury facilities. The home features a fully stocked bar perfect for a pre-dinner drink or a nightcap, and wine is also offered at mealtimes. Multiple stylish and cosy lounges provide comfortable spaces for relaxation, watching TV, or enjoying games. The coffee lounge and café, situated at the heart of the home, are an ideal spot for enjoying delicious home-made cakes with friends.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, the landscaped gardens are not only beautiful but also fully accessible and safe. They include raised beds and potting sheds for keen gardeners, and a patio for al-fresco dining. Additionally, an in-house beauty salon offers complementary treatments like manicures and hairdressing, ensuring that our ladies and gentlemen always feel their best.

Are there any activities planned for residents?

At Glenburnie Lodge, every day is designed to be as busy or as relaxed as our ladies and gentlemen choose. Our dedicated activities coordinator organises a variety of activities ranging from book clubs, quizzes, and games to special guest visitors and musical entertainment. We also plan day trips to ensure that our residents can share new experiences, learn new skills, or revisit old pastimes outside of the home.

How often can residents have visitors?

At Glenburnie Lodge, we understand the importance of maintaining close connections with loved ones. Therefore, our ladies and gentlemen are welcome to receive visitors as often as they like. We have designed multiple stylish and cosy lounges that provide comfortable spaces for quality time with family and friends. Our aim is to make every visit a special occasion for both our residents and their guests.

How is Glenburnie Lodge different from other care homes?

Glenburnie Lodge sets itself apart by offering an unparalleled level of luxury and comprehensive care services. Our ladies and gentlemen can expect to indulge in a range of all-inclusive amenities, from a fully stocked bar to an in-house beauty salon offering complementary treatments. The home is designed to provide the highest standards of care and support, delivered by a compassionate and dedicated team in a setting that combines both luxury and comfort.

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